Monday, September 19, 2011

Movie Review: The American

The AmericanSummary: Academy Award® winner George Clooney is The American in this sexy suspense thriller from director Anton Corbijn. After a job ends more violently than expected, Jack (Clooney) retreats to the Italian countryside and accepts one last assignment to construct a deadly weapon for a mysterious contact. But when he pursues a relationship with a beautiful local woman, he may be tempting fate by stepping out of the shadows. Jack soon finds himself in an escalating battle to escape from his secretive past, in the film critics are calling “4 Stars! Riveting and irresistible!”

Review: I knew that The American was based on a book before we even watched it but I wasn't sure what book until the end credits rolled. It wouldn't have mattered because well George Clooney was in it. I'll pretty much watch anything he's in. Heck he could do a You Tube video of nothing and I'd probably watch. The other part that interested me was that it was a spy movie. Although I knew going in, that it wasn't going to be like my favorite spy movies, Bourne Trilogy, I don't think anything tops those in our house.

Was The American an action packed movie? No, but was it suspenseful and thrilling? Yes. Was it fast-paced? No, but it held my attention for the whole 109 minutes. I wanted to know what would happen to Jack. Would he get to finish the job? Would this be his last job? What mistakes is he making? What, in the end will be his undoing?

I also loved figure it out along the way. My husband thought I was nuts but turns out I was spot on. I think we were supposed to figure it out as viewers but then wonder how long it would take Jack.

Let's talk about George for a minute. He's a fine actor and I don't think he gets enough credit. He proved it to me in Up in the Air and even more now in The American. He gives a fantastic, nuanced performance as Jack. You never pity him but you are always rooting for him, even if he was an assassin. The cast of surrounding characters is great as well. I loved how they made you see things through Jack's eyes and yet at times, I felt I could see more than him.

Am I sorry I didn't see this in the theater, nope but I am glad that I saw it. After having a couple of days to reflect back and I'm still thinking about the plot and the story, then it was a solid movie. Will you come away thinking it was an adrenaline rush, probably not but I think you will be satisfied.

Final Take: 3.50/5

The novel the movie is based on A Very Private Gentleman: A Novel by Martin Booth. Will I read it? Probably not but I haven't read the Bourne books either.



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