Sunday, September 4, 2011

Children's Corner: Spot....

Spot Bakes a Cake

Review: It doesn't really matter what Spot book we pick up at the library or constantly read at home, these are always front runners at night. Spot Bakes a Cake has been in our house since our daughter was a baby. She loved to flip the flaps and eventually use her high squeaky voice to be the mouse. My son likes it as well but his favorites are Spot Loves His Daddy and Spot Loves His Mommy. We'll move onto different books for a week or two, but then we always come back to these. He cracks up when Spot hides from his mommy on their way back from the store and he loves it when daddy buys Spot ice cream. His reaction "Yummy in my Tummy".
Wheres Spot (Spot Books)
The newest edition to our permanent shelf of Spot books is Wheres Spot (Spot Books). This is another fantastic flip the flap book. As our son has gotten older he likes doing different things with the book. Right now he's into saying what is in the places where mommy thinks Spot is hiding. He always cracks up when mommy finds him. It's a cute game of hide and seek with different animals.

Spot Loves His MommyI'm not sure that the Spot books has anything deep to say or lesson to be learned but it does show kids how mommy and daddy love Spot. Perhaps at this age it's all they need.

I'm sure on our next trip to the library more Spot books will make it in our basket and I won't mind. For night-time reads, they are quick and entertaining.
Spot Loves His Daddy



Maya September 4, 2011 at 7:42 AM  

Awww, I used to love the Spot books as a kid. I'm so glad they're still popular. :)

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