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Giveaway: Merciless

MercilessYesterday I reviewed Merciless by Diana Palmer.  (You can read my review here.)  We are pleased to have one copy of this novel for one of our lucky followers.  Please complete the form below by Midnight on September 24th.

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Ελλάδα May 21, 2012 at 10:53 PM  

This story revolves around Jon Blackhawk and his assistant Joceline. Jon is a thirty year old FBI agent whose mother wants to help him find a wife, something he is dead set against. Joceline has been Jon's assistant for several years, and while they have a good work relationship, she is determined to keep her work life and personal life separate. She has always been known as a very conservative person, but a few years back she had a son,Markie, and has always kept her son away from the office, only sharing the fact that Markie's father was killed in war before the two could get married. She is keeping a secret though, one that will change several lives. When one of Jon's enemies starts making threats against not only him and his family but Joceline and Markie as well, he wants to protect them by taking them to his ranch, and while there Jon and Joceline's feelings heat up! Can they figure out who is making the threats, and what happens when people around Jon start figuring out Joceline's secret?
This story was romance, drama, and mystery rolled into one. While I liked the characters, Joceline was a struggling single mother, whose secret really was very easy to figure out, and I was a bit surprised it took the secondary characters so long to get it. I felt that the attitude that Cammie had about Joceline being a single parent was repeated way to often, and was quite outdated as well. While I did enjoy the banter between Joceline and Jon, the bit about her not making coffee was another line that was really overused.Those few complaints aside, I found myself reading this book thru in one sitting, I always love a good romance, and the mystery and suspense of not knowing what might happen next made for an interesting story.

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