Sunday, September 25, 2011

Children's Corner: Perfect Square

This was a whim pick of mine at the library last week, and I love it.  It starts with a simple square of paper... which is perfectly happy. When it gets cut to pieces it can't help but wonder, now what's it's function? Suddenly it discovers it can take other forms. Throughout the book as it gets altered it transforms in creative ways to become new things until it is a square again. However, it's journey has taught it that it wants to be more than just a square and once again, it finds a way.

I love this book for it's creativity, it's colors, and it's art. There are so many ways to interpret this story and everyone will take something different from it. Whether it's the immediate 'many things you can do with a square of paper', or more broadly 'not everything is as it appears at first glance', or more globally 'everything is connected', this book is teeming with depth and beauty. It's a fascinating find and a new favorite read in our house.



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