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Julie's Review: Crosscut

Crosscut: An Evan Delaney Novel Summary: School’s out forever. And the class reunion is a killer. Because something, or someone, is eliminating Evan Delaney’s graduating class. For Evan, China Lake was a tough place to grow up. But she didn’t realize just how tough until, returning to the desert military base for her high school reunion, she discovers that a disturbing number of her classmates have died young.
And the night of the reunion, another one is savagely butchered. She is just the first. There’s a serial killer on the loose. One with a major axe to grind with China Lake high school graduates.

Review: Crosscut is a step up from Jericho Point for me in the world of Evan Delaney. It seems like on the break between cases/books, Jesse has finally started to deal with the PTSD from his accident. He didn't seem as reckless to me in this one. Sure he still takes chances for Evan and she does the same for him but that's pretty much their relationship.

Evan goes to her 15 year high school reunion back in China Lake and looking at the "In Memoriam" realized that a disproportionate amount of her classmates have died. Of course, this being Evan and the fact that 2 more people are found dead by the most unnatural causes, begins our case.

I don't want to give much away but you will particularly like this Evan Delaney book if you are into government conspiracies and if you like thinking that our government experiments on humans. One thing that I love about Meg Gardiner's writing is her ability to infuse humor when the novel really needs it. This is where Evan's tarty cousin Taylor enters. She is always good for a laugh or two.

Evan always finds herself in precarious positions but this one is a doozy. I knew the outcome wouldn't be in Evan's favor but I can't say I was surprised. I loved the involvement of her parents in this novel. I hope to see Phil and Angie in more future novels. They are actually the couple I'm rooting for right now, even if they are divorced. Now, don't get me wrong I want Jesse and Evan to make it, I really do but for some reason I still have reservations about Jesse. I can't peg why but I just do. It has nothing to do with him being paralyzed either. Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

I'm happy that I have Kill Chain up soon because I'm anxious to see what happens next to Evan. What kind of situation did she get herself into this time.

In addition, I need to start reading The Dirty Secrets Club, the first book in her Jo Beckett series. Both of her books are on my short TBR list for the rest of 2011.

If you are a fan of mysteries/thrillers than I urge you to pick up and read Meg Gardiner. You won't regret it.

Final Take: 4.25/5

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