Sunday, January 13, 2013

Children's Corner: You and Me, Little Bear

Review: This is the second time we've checked out You and Me, Little Bear from the library and my son just loves it. I have to say it isn't my favorite that we've checked out but hey they all can't be winners. It's not that I dislike it, I just find it to be tongue twisting to read. In all honesty, I think my son is a little old for this but the message is a good one.

Big Bear has a lot to do on this particular day and all that Little Bear wants to do is play. So, Big Bear has Little Bear help him with the chores but when that wears off, Big Bear sends him off to play by himself.

I think it sends a good message to kids about being able to entertain yourself and not always rely on your parents to play with you. Sure this isn't always easy but it's a valuable less for kids to be able to use their imagination. It's all a good reminder for parents to take a break from everything else and play with your kids.

The illustrations are simple and evoke the meaning of the story.

If you have a younger child who is learning to be able to play independently, then this book will help you reinforce that.



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