Sunday, January 27, 2013

Children's Corner: Pippi Longstocking

Review: Pippi Longstocking was one of my favorite characters when I was growing up. I devoured the books and loved the movies. So of course I bought the original book for my daughter when she started 2nd grade. I figured it would be a book that we could read together at night.

 It didn't take more than 3 chapters for me to realize that Pippi irritated me as an adult. I don't recall her being so sassy. I remember her being silly, fun and adventurous. I don't remember the disrespect to authority. Luckily, my daughter just picks up on the silly and fun part of Pippi. I like that Pippi has gotten Tommy and Annika out of their shells and shows them how to have some fun. You know Pippi is parent-less but as a mother I have to wonder why Tommy and Annika's parents aren't a little more present? Maybe the purpose is to show the kids having adventures without parental influence.

Sometimes you can't revisit the characters you loved as a child without viewing them as an adult. I love seeing Pippi through my daughter's eyes, but every time we read it I find it hard not to roll my eyes.

To say that I won't be buying the rest of the series is probably true. She can get them at our local library. 



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