Sunday, January 20, 2013

Children's Corner: Lego Star Wars Books

We started the Lego franchise with Wii Lego Harry Potter and progressed to Wii Lego Star Wars, now we've moved on to Lego Indiana Jones and Lego Batman.  The games are well done and I like them because not only are the great problem solving, the story lines are preserved and told with humor.  So when I came across these books from Scholastic I was more than willing to give them a chance.

 The books are laid out in comic book, er, graphic novel format without being too busy or too difficult to follow.  The stories are G-rated retellings with lots of wit.  Having played the Lego game my daughter has now watched the entire Star Wars series so this makes it even more amusing, as she giggles, "That's not what happened!" especially when they attend Darth Maui's Party Town where there is limboing under the light sabres...or when Obi Wan gets lured to the dark side for the cookies...

We love these reads (another win from the Lego franchise!) and will certainly be looking into more of them.  In the mean time, come to the dark side, apparently they have great cookies...



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