Friday, January 4, 2013

Alice & Julie's 2013 List Swap Challenge

PhotobucketIn 2011 and 2012, we borrowed (or stole) this one from Jen at Devourer of Books, so we're going to continue to borrow it for 2013. Alice and I have decided again to do the List Swap Challenge. Woo hoo!!

What I liked about this challenge is that it got both of us out of our comfort zone in terms of what we normally read. For example, I don't do a lot of romance and Alice doesn't do a lot of thrillers/mysteries. It also allows your partner to pick some of their favorite reads and have you read them.

Basically, you choose five books for yourself to read and five books for your challenge partner to read, then one book to read together.

Our Book Together:

Alice's Picks for Julie:

Julie's Picks for Alice:

Alice's Picks:

Julie's Picks:

What do you think of our choices and our picks for each other? I'm intrigued by Alice's choices for me. She has quite the mix!

I think she'll like what I've picked for her, if she's in the mood for some historical fiction...



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