Monday, May 7, 2012

Jenn's Review: Charmfall

Summary:  High school can be a battlefield, but for Lily Parker, surviving at St. Sophia’s School for Girls is a matter of life and death…

Protecting Chicago from the dark side can be an exhausting job, especially when you’re a junior. So when the girls of St. Sophia’s start gearing up for Sneak, their fall formal, Lily decides to join in on some good, old-fashioned party prep—even if it means not giving demons, vampires and the twisted magic users known as Reapers her undivided attention.

But when a Reaper infiltrates the school, Lily doesn’t forget what she’s sworn to protect. She reaches deep into herself to draw out her magic—and finds that it’s gone. And it turns out she’s not alone. A magical blackout has slammed through paranormal Chicago, and no one knows what—or who—caused it. But Lily knows getting back her magic is worth the risk of going behind enemy lines…

Review:  Lily is frantic upon getting into a battle with a Reaper and discovering her magic is gone. But it's not just her, magic is disappearing all over, and she may be the only one willing to cooperate with the Reapers in order to find the answers to save it. Lily is bringing change to the battle between the Adepts and the Reapers. Perhaps because she grew up outside of it all, she doesn't see things as black and white... And she's teaching everyone to see some shades of grey.

The Adepts get their first taste of what life will be like without magic, and they aren't handling it all that well. I was kind of surprised by this. It is, after all, what they're fighting for, to let go of the magic gracefully when it is time. So the reaction of each of the characters is interesting.

I like Sebastian more and more, the more we learn about him as the series progresses, the more of a mystery he becomes. He's definitely not all bad, which lends credibility to Lily's shades of grey... There are fanatics on both sides of the battle... Maybe they are both wrong?!? Or is it just Sebastian's interest in Lily that makes him seem like he's not such a bad guy?

As, usual, I got to the end and found myself craving more. Honestly, if Chloe Neill had combined all three of these books into one, it would have suited me fine. Instead they are nice quick read-in-a-sitting books ...and they always have me looking forward to the next installment.

Final Take:  4/5



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