Sunday, May 13, 2012

Children's Corner: Where the Wild Things Are

Review: My 4 year old son was in love with Where the Wild Things Are a couple months ago but it has recently gotten put to the bottom of the pile as we read other books. I've been meaning to do a children's corner about it since he picked it up and now that Mr. Sendak has left this earth it seemed appropriate to do it now.

This book would have scared the poop out of my daughter at this age but my son thinks it's great fun. As a parent I find it less than thrilling to read. Now, don't get me wrong I think for a kid it's a wonderful book. Learning to use your imagination and having it take you to far off places where you are king (or queen) definitely helps shape kid's ability to imagine. I just find that there aren't enough words and too many pages for them to just look at. I remember enjoying the book as a kid and maybe that's why it's a book for kids because they are just learning about their imagination.

I did buy my nephew a copy of the book too because my brother in law had never read it as a kid and I do think everyone needs to experience it in their lifetime.

I'm still curious as to how they made a feature length movie out of this one. I could see a 45 minute cartoon but a movie? It's not something I'm seeking out to watch at this point either.

I definitely think that Mr. Sendak was ahead of his time with this book, showing that not all children's books need to be sweet and full of bright colors. I will be seeking out his Little Bear books to share with both of my children. I'm also open for other suggestions on his books.


Jenn May 13, 2012 at 8:30 AM  

Kidlet isn't a huge fan of this one, even though she loves monsters and scary things...

Oh, and we were unable to get through the movie in our house...

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