Thursday, March 8, 2012

Julie's Reviews: The Sixth Man

Summary: Edgar Roy-an alleged serial killer held in a secure, fortress-like Federal Supermax facility-is awaiting trial. He faces almost certain conviction. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are called in by Roy's attorney, Sean's old friend and mentor Ted Bergin, to help work the case. But their investigation is derailed before it begins-en route to their first meeting with Bergin, Sean and Michelle find him murdered. It is now up to them to ask the questions no one seems to want answered: Is Roy a killer? Who murdered Bergin? With help from some surprising allies, they continue to pursue the case. But the more they dig into Roy's past, the more they encounter obstacles, half-truths, dead-ends, false friends, and escalating threats from every direction. Their persistence puts them on a collision course with the highest levels of the government and the darkest corners of power. In a terrifying confrontation that will push Sean and Michelle to their limits, the duo may be permanently parted.

Review: You guys know I love David Baldacci's books right? Well, The Sixth Man is no different. I had forgotten how much I love Sean and Michelle and how much I missed them. Part murder mystery and part political thriller; it is an intricate plot that touches high levels of our government.

What I loved was that there were several different mysteries to the novel. We first want to know who killed Ted Bergin but that leads to us wanting to know if Edgar Roy was set up as a murderer? It makes you wonder how this is all connected. Early on I thought I had the novel figured out and it would be a disappointment for me. Of course, that wasn't the case!

There is just so much going on in the novel that you wonder how it is all going to be linked and how it is even possible for him to tie it all up in the end but does he ever. There are a few twists that, for me, came out of the blue. One I almost fell on the floor when it was revealed and the other one I felt like I should have seen it coming. Either way, I love being surprised by an author.

What amazes me is how Mr. Baldacci comes up with these ideas for his books, when they don't seem quite probable but I know they are probably on the cusp of being reality. The subject matter in this one was interesting and something that science inclined people would really enjoy. Is it possible for humans to use more than 10% of their brain? If our brains functioned at 95-98%, what could we accomplish? I also loved that the book involved the intelligence community of the US and how it could look post 9/11 with collaboration. Is it ever really collaborative when government funding is on the line? How are we as citizens supposed to feel safe, when the alphabet agencies are fighting? It all makes for an exciting novel. Plus I was holding my breath until the last page of the novel and then I breathed out but still not sure where things end up. I will be anxiously awaiting the next King/Maxwell book.

I do have to say this while I adore Sean King and think he's all kinds of cool; it's Michelle Maxwell who kicks ass. She is one female that I would love to have on my side if I was ever in a dark alley or under siege. I have a slight fictional character girl crush on her. :)

This is the 5th book that pairs up King and Maxwell but you don't have to go back to the beginning (Split Second). I think it's pretty clear from the get-go how well they work together and how complex their relationship is. Aren't they all?

Final Take: 4.5/5



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