Sunday, March 18, 2012

Children's Corner: Baseball A-Z

Review: In honor of the start of spring training and one of my favorite sports, I checked Baseball from A to Z out of the library for my son. It is a clever book and it definitely teaches kids the basics of the game while also going over some terms that younger kids might not have heard yet; Ace and No-Hitter are the first ones that come to mind.

The illustrations are fun and not at all "babyish". A few of them crack me up when I see them. The facial expressions on some of the players are hilarious. In fact, this is perfectly aimed at my 4 year old son who will be starting t-ball in the spring. The book definitely holds his interest and sparks more questions about the game from him. It's also a good way of reinforcing the ABC's using a different subject matter that causes the child to think a bit.

My only complaints are small ones. The type set could be bigger making it easier to read on the pages that are darker. Also, the color of the type could change depending on the illustrations, again making it easier to read.

If you've got a child, like mine, who is into every single sport he or she tries and baseball is on their radar, then this is a great introductory book.



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