Sunday, March 4, 2012

Children's Corner: The Teacher from the Black Lagoon

Review: My 6 year old daughter thinks this book is hilarious and I happen to agree but so does my 4 year old son. Mike Thaler has a clever way of making kids understand that not everyone in authority is a scary monster or mean. For me, they play into the imagination kids have of someone or something they've never dealt with before. I'd never heard of these books until my daughter got them from the school library. This is what I love about her going to the library, she discovers new books and authors and I get to go along for the ride.

In The Teacher from the Black Lagoon our hero is about ready to embark on his first day of school and he's wondering who his teacher will be. Of course he's heard all kinds of rumors about all the teachers but the teacher he's most worried about is supposed to be a real monster. Our hero sits through class and we see the day progress through his eyes and it's not pretty. The teacher is eating kids, turning them into frogs and shrinking their heads!! We have read several of these books and as I his website I find there are even more that we haven't read out there!! Does this mean I can expect them to visit my house soon?

I find them clever and humorous but also very much from a boy's point of view. I think this is great though because so many books are directed at girls that if a book series comes along and they appeal to boys, perfect. I will definitely encourage my son to read them when he gets a bit older as well. Even though he's already been exposed through his sister and at pre-school. I like the variety in the series as well.

The one that probably made me laugh the most was The Cafeteria Lady from the Black Lagoon because no one was ever really sure about their cafeteria workers. Now I think they just get the meals and cook accordingly. If you are looking for a clever way of addressing some fears then look no further than Mike Thaler's Blue Lagoon series.



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