Saturday, October 27, 2007

Lisa's Review: How To Kill A Guy In 10 Days

Summary: Hailey McGraw, Lexie Muller's best friend, is back in town . . . and Lexie is ready to party! These girlfriends have got a lot to celebrate—shy Hailey is newly single, and wild Lexie's about to hit the big 3-0—and they've got nothing on their minds but fun, frosty drinks, and the hot men hanging out at one of Miami's hottest clubs. But their night to remember turns memorable in a way they never expected when a hunk from the bar winds up stone-cold dead in the parking lot . . . and definitely not from natural causes. The dead guy's the (late) boyfriend of a friend. And when it becomes apparent that the cops are getting nowhere fast, Lexie and Hailey decide to do some sleuthing of their own. After all, they're both smart, imaginative, and fearless—and nobody runs faster in high heels. But diving deep into Miami's underbelly to confront drug lords, ex-cons, and gun-toting divas may be too much to handle for a couple of South Florida girls who just want to have fun . . . ~Back of Book

Review: No one can ever say chick lit doesn’t serve its purpose. I was in need of something light and fun to read with no time to visit the bookstore. This book was in my To Be Read pile, so I grabbed it and off I went. The elements were all there, drunken debauchery, shameless ogling of men, girlfriends playing amateur detectives, and of course shopping. The writing here was easy as the authors’ styles blended well and the twists just kept on coming. I was not expecting that person to be the killer! My one issue minor pet peeve really – I hated the title, sure it’s catchy, but it’s also misleading. Otherwise this was just what the doctor ordered. While reading, I saw the makings of a series, something which was confirmed when I read the interview with the authors that was included in the back of the book. Good, because I wouldn't mind coming back for another.

Final take – 3.9/5


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