Friday, October 12, 2007

Barnes & Noble First Look Book Club

One morning in September I got an email from Barnes and Noble announcing their First Look Book Club. It was totally random and I am still wondering how I got on the list (I suspect it's because I joined their forums many moons ago to see what other people thought of Chris Bojahlian's The Double Bind - Excellent Book!). The first selection was The Monsters of Templeton, which I've heard some buzz for (My review). Obviously, there are limited books, so it's first come, first served and it seems I was rather lucky to see the email when I did.

This was quite the treat for me, as I love books especially when they are free and I can get to read them before everyone else. I will suggest that you at least join their book club so that you are on their lists. Besides the possibility of getting free books, the authors of certain releases often drop by the forums to discuss their books and answer questions.

Library Thing also does something similar with their Early Reviewers Group, but they have rules about who recieves the books.

As always I will keep you all posted on whatever else I find.


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