Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Skim

In the vain of trying something new here on the blog, I thought I might start with some Sunday posts summarizing what I've read, what I plan to start and upcoming books I'm looking forward to.

Week of 2/18/2019:


It might have taken me a bit to make my way through China Dolls but let me tell you it was worth every hour I spent listening to it. Truly a wonderful story about friends, love, loss and hope. It would make a fabulous movie. The Secret of Clouds will tug at your heart strings, you will need Kleenex and you will want to get in touch with your favorite teachers after reading it. 

Currently Reading: 

Looking Forward To:

My two current reads haven't quite clicked with me as of the time I'm writing this but I'm not giving up yet on them! I know a lot of people loved A Gentleman in Moscow so I'm giving it more of a chance than perhaps I might normally. Next to Die is a a psychological thriller that I'm hoping grabs me pretty soon.  Is there a book you struggled with but ended up liking? 



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