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Alice's Review: Wishes & Stitches

Summary:  It has always been Naomi Fontaine's dream to practice small-town medicine an ambition that brought her to Cypress Hollow, the charming, tight-knit community her late friend, knitting guru Eliza Carpenter, loved so well. But no matter how hard she tries, Naomi cant seem to fit in here. Then rugged Rig Keller moves in to take over half of Naomi's medical practice, and instantly charms everyone in town . . . including Naomi.  Rig saw what a broken relationship did to his brother, and has no interest whatsoever in getting serious. But the temptation to play doctor with his new partner is just too strong to resist. Any chance they might have of being truly knit together by love, however, depends entirely on what secrets they are willing to reveal . . . and on Rig's willingness to risk his heart and Naomi's desire to open hers completely.

Review:  I received this novel from William Morrow nearly two years ago and I am kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. There was something very sweet about Wishes & Stitches.  It transported me to a wonderful place by the seaside where everyone knows everyone else, where there is a great sense of community and family.  I really enjoyed it and wished more than once a place like that really exists and that one day I hope to live there.

One of the best things about Wishes & Stitches is how perfectly flawed Ms. Herron made the characters.  I just adored Naomi.  In her painfully shy way, she was so refreshing to read.  Finally, a romance lead grounded in realism and awkwardness.  And Rig, our fearless hero.  Once I got past his name (come on, Rig?  Insert eye roll.) I fell for him as hard as Naomi did.  No character should be perfect.  All characters require a bit of tarnish to make them believable.  Both Rig and Naomi had that and because of it, they gave us a romance that was authentic.

Another great thing about this novel is the care Ms. Herron took in creating a wonderful mix of supporting characters and back stories for them as well.  While Naomi and Rig were always on the forefront, I loved getting to know the other Keller men and Naomi’s sister Anna. 

I think this novel will appeal to both knitters and non-knitters alike.  It’s the perfect balance of humor, romance and hot steamy sex.   I am looking forward to reading the first two novels in the Cypress Hollow Yarn series, How to Knit a Love Song and How to Knit a Heart Back Home.

The only minor flaw I can find in Wishes & Stitches is at the very end of the novel.  Naomi was thrown for a loop that I didn’t quite understand.  Hopefully reading the other novels in the series will shed some light on this.  Overall, this was a wonderful novel and a perfect Saturday reading book.  It’s the kind of novel you will want to share with your friends because you know they will enjoy Naomi and Rig (Rig!) as much as you did.

Final Take: 4/5


Unknown September 26, 2013 at 12:12 PM  

It sounds like an interesting series. I will check it out

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