Sunday, May 12, 2013

Children's Corner: Power Rangers Super Samurai Official Guide

Review: Who knew there was so much to know about Power Rangers Samurai!?!! I didn't. This was another book fair find for my son. It's good thing it's broken up in sections/chapters because it would take me at least 3 hours to read it cover to cover. For those who have kids into this tv series then this is the book for you. Now that we've read it, over the course of 5 nights, he often goes to it to look up the Nighloks the Rangers just battled.

It is great for beginners because it gives a brief summary of each ranger, their Zord, their battle discs, etc. It does the same for each of the various Nighloks. It goes into the history of the Rangers as well.

Saban's Power Rangers Super Samurai Official Guide (Power Rangers Super Samurai) is a great resource for those kids who enjoy this show and the books. I am sure this is something my son will continue to reference.



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