Friday, November 16, 2012

Movie Review: One for the Money

Summary:  Katherine Heigl stars as Stephanie Plum in this broad comedy, based on the best-selling novel from Janet Evanovich. Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) is a bright, attractive, confident woman whose entire life has just taken a sudden turn — in the wrong direction. Newly divorced and recently laid off, the only work she can scrape up is a dead-end job at her sleazy cousin's bail bond office. But when her first big assignment involves tracking down an on-the-lam ex-flame (Jason O'Mara), this tough-as-nails lady bounty hunter will be redefining the meaning of hot pursuit in this thrill-packed action comedy.

Review:  I was a huge fan of the Stephanie Plum series up until book 12, then I was done. I felt like it was just going in circles. So when we heard they were going to do a movie based on One for the Money , we here at GJR were skeptical. I mean for me it would be a better tv show. We were even more shocked when they cast Katherine Heigl as Stephanie. Definitely not our choice.

Now given that statement, Ms. Heigel didn't do a bad job as Stephanie. I would have been more happy if they would have made Steph just a bit more chunky. She always complaining about needing to lose the last 10-20 lbs. Jason O'Mara did a great job as Joe Morelli but I wasn't sold on Daniel Sunjata as Ranger. I still think that Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, would have been perfect for this role. It's ok because given that Í'm a "cupcake" it's probably better that it wasn't Dwayne or I might be a "babe" convert.

Since I read the book many years ago, I think it is pretty close to the plot. I think that those in supporting roles were perfect, even Sherri Shepard as Lula was clever casting. Debbie Reynolds was a hoot as Grandma Mazar.

Overall it was an entertaining movie and if you haven't read the book you'd probably enjoy it slightly more than I did. I don't think it made enough money to do any of the other books, which again is why it would have been better to do on cable.

Final Take: 3.25/5



Jenn Just Reading November 16, 2012 at 7:21 AM  

Oddly, I've felt the need to try it as of late... Glad you didn't feel it was as bad as we feared.

Michelle Shannon November 18, 2012 at 10:40 PM  

I was curious how Katherine Heigl would stack up as one of Evanovich's most famous characters. It isn't one that ever struck my fancy, but thanks for the info!

stacybuckeye November 20, 2012 at 10:55 PM  

I made it up to book 15 I think. You're right, this would be a better cable series! I thought the movie was average and Katherine didn't have the spark that Stepahnie has in the books.

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