Sunday, November 6, 2011

Children's Corner: What Is Your Dog Doing?

Review:  This one is just plain fun and a quick bed time read.  It has a quick rhyming verse and beautiful vibrant illustrations.  It mentions working dogs, but they are obviously having fun working (the police dog is inspecting a hamburger) and dogs just playing around (going sledding with it's human family).  It depicts dogs of all shapes, sizes, and personalities.  We always have a bit of a giggle when we reach the end of the book as it asks the title question, "What is your dog doing" and the picture is of a bot reading and the dog sprawled next to him listening, which is usually what our dog is doing while we read this.

I think this is the perfect book for the dog lover in your house, or maybe even a way to make dogs less scary to someone with a fear.  It's a favorite read and good fun.

About the Author

Marilyn Singer has written more than seventy books for children and young adults. Her works include novels, poetry, nature books, picture books, fairy tales, mysteries, and two other short story anthologies: Stay True: Short Stories for Strong Girls and I Believe in Water: Twelve Brushes with Religion. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and many pets.

Kathleen Habble lives and works in Wheaton, Illinois.  When she isn’t doodling editorial and commercial work, she’s at her local animal shelter doing “dog research”—and helping out.  This is her first picture book.  Visit her online at



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