Sunday, November 20, 2011

Children's Corner: Thanksgiving Day

Review: Thanksgiving Day has been been a staple in our house since my daughter was about 1 year old. We read it every year starting in October and yes, I've taken to hiding it so I don't have to read it in the middle of July. I love the book because it explains the history of Thanksgiving while not getting too complicated. Essentially, the kids in the class put on a play about the first Thanksgiving. Each of them play a role and tell the story.

The illustrations are full of vibrant colors and big so the younger kids have no problem seeing the details. The kids are also diverse, which I think is important to show kids that not everyone looks a like and not everyone has the same Thanksgiving traditions.

I'm sure over the next week this book will be read every night in preparation for the big day. If you are looking for a book or another book to add to your pile on Thanksgiving I definitely recommend Thanksgiving Day.

Hope that all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!



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