Sunday, June 19, 2011

Children's Corner: What Daddies Do Best

What Daddies Do Best Mini BookIn honor of Father's Day, here's a cute little book about those special guys.  We have the abridged board book version of this one in our house, but it's still sweet.  With beautiful illustrations by Lynn Munsinger, there isn't much story to this one just all the wonderful things you can do with Daddy.  Although I must say, there are a few things on the list I know my father would have been challenged by, and a few my husband would find challenging too, I also know both of them would try there darnedest, or find someone who could help with these things.

Also available is What Mommies Do Best and What Grandmas Do Best/ What Grandpas Do Best.  I purchased both the Mommy and the Daddy versions before realizing they were the same book with different illustrations, so I gave one away. 

I think this is a great before bed/nap read especially because it leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy.  


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