Sunday, June 5, 2011

Children's Corner: Freckleface Strawberry

Review: This book is a staple in our house for our almost 6 year old daughter. I love the message in the book. It also doesn't hurt that I think the book is semi-autobiographical of Julianne Moore's view of herself during her childhood. Freckleface Strawberry has, you guess it, freckles. She's the only one in her family that has them, except for her baby brother and well he doesn't count. She doesn't like being different. She doesn't like the way the kids at school call her Freckleface Strawberry and ask her all kinds of questions about them.

So, she takes matters into her own hands. She tries to get rid of them. She does everything in her power to make them go away, but she can't.

What the book teaches kids is that differences are ok. It is what makes us unique and special. It's what makes kids like us and want to be around us. Just because they are asking you questions doesn't mean they are teasing you but maybe because they are curious. Kids like to know why, sometimes to the detriment of us adults.

I don't know if my daughter grasps the whole message of the book, but it's one we like to read over and over again because it's also humorous.

Ms. Moore does an excellent job of telling the story in such a way that kids love it and parents don't mind reading it. The illustrations are cute and brightly colored. Freckleface Strawberry is a spunky girl, who I love to spend a few minutes with when I read it to my daughter.



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