Monday, June 13, 2011

Julie's Review: Long Lost

Summary: Myron Bolitar takes on international terrorists in bestseller Coben's fast-paced ninth thriller to feature the sports and entertainment agent (after Promise Me). With his romantic relationship with 9/11 widow Ali Wilder on the rocks, Myron is free at a moment's notice to accept the invitation of his former lover, Terese Collins, a TV newswoman who dropped out of his life years earlier, to join her in Paris. There Terese tells Myron her investigative reporter ex-husband, Rick, whom Myron never knew about, recently got back in touch with her and hinted at an earthshaking revelation. Rick's murder plunges Bolitar into a frenzied, often violent chase across Europe in an effort to learn Rick's secret. Aided by his upper-class sidekick and bodyguard, Win, Bolitar builds up an impressive body count as he attempts to prove he didn't kill Rick—and foil a terrorist plot that's as imaginative as it is preposterous. Bolitar fans will cheer their hero every step of the way.

Review: Ah...Myron Bolitar how I have a literary crush on you. I can understand why all the fictional women fall for your charm. He's witty, charming, good looking, athletic and smart. Yes, the full package. Add his best friend and ladies man, Win and we are all set for an adventure. By now I've read several Myron novels by Harlan Coben and I have to say that Long Lost is the best one by far. I didn't want to put it down. In fact, I was trying to find any minute to read the book. Sure, I'm like that with the majority of my books but this one was a page turner. Mr. Coben had me hooked within the first page.

I really enjoyed this novel because the case was personal for Myron this time. He flew across the ocean to help a friend in need. The one thing about missing some of the earlier novels is that I always find out something new or an already introduced character is new to me. Some authors make this difficult but Mr. Coben gives you enough that you feel you are up to speed on the back story.

I loved the international threads to the story and how it all connected at the end. Was some of the story perhaps a bit far-fetched, sure; but that doesn't make me like it any less. I don't read fiction to live in reality. I read to believe that normal people can solve extreme situations.

I love Myron and Win's friendship. They are so polar opposite but work so well with each other. I never have a doubt that Win will have Myron's back and vice-versa. I love their witty conversations. Even in the tense situations, they find a way to make sarcastic remarks.

If you are looking for a fast-paced thriller to read while you lounge at the pool or beach this summer; look no further than Long Lost.

Final Take: 4.25/5



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