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Alice's Review: In Search of Lucy

In Search of Lucy
Summary:  Thirty-year-old Lucy Lang is lost. She spent most of her young life sacrificing her own needs to care for her half-sister and deal with their alcoholic mother. Now abandoned by both of them, Lucy struggles to find her own purpose in life; a struggle that is laden with wretched memories and regret. With no family, no relationships and an unfulfilling job Lucy becomes depressed, cynical and self-destructive. At times she’d even contemplated suicide as the only way out.

When she is just about to hit rock bottom, Lucy finds out that her sister is ill and needs a kidney transplant. Lucy is found to be the only match and has no choice but to live, trapped in a lonely existence to save her sister’s life. And, she must battle with her emotions; her bitter resentment for her sister’s heartless departure and her longing to be needed again by the person she once loved most in the world. With the help of new found friends, Benny and Anne, and a struggling romance, Lucy sets out on a journey to reunite with her sister and search for the answers she needs to find her own identity.

With simply genuine and endearing characters, In Search of Lucy pulls you right into the story and into the characters’ lives. You’ll find yourself truly inspired and rooting for the happy ending that these characters are working so hard to obtain. This dramatic, romantic novel about the power of relationships and how they affect our identity will appeal to anyone that has ever experienced love, loss, and friendship.

Review:  I have read many books lately in which the heroine is just about perfect with a flaw that is endearing and problems that you know will be solved by the last page because that’s the way it has to be. Lucy Lang is not that woman, she’s not even close. She’s sad, damaged, broken.  She has a life that she is not living.  Every time she has opened her heart to someone, she gets hurt. 

At the beginning of the novel, we find Lucy in a dead end job in spite of having a love of art.  She is a loner, a drunk.  She doesn't have any friends and a list of regrets an arms length long.  She was abandoned by the person she loved the most, her sister.  She in alone.  Thankfully there are a few people in her life who have not given up on her, two unlikely friends who join her on a life changing journey.

I really enjoyed this novel. I loved following Lucy on her journey. I thought Ms. Fairfield did an excellent job adding realism to this novel. Lucy was the perfect balance of hope and despair.  I enjoyed how she grew as a person, finding herself in the love and acceptance of others.  I loved the relationships she had with her sister.  I loved reading how their relationship evolved. 

I think this is definitely worth the read.  In my search of Lucy, I really like what I found.

Final Take: 3/5



Lia Fairchild May 17, 2011 at 7:48 PM  

Thanks for the very lovely review and feature Alice!


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