Sunday, September 13, 2009

Julie's Review: Twenties Girl

Summary: Think Topper, that impossibly sophisticated and goofy 1937 ghost tale of blithe spirits bugging the only living soul who can hear them. Kinsella creates an equally vexing and endearing shade, Sadie, a wild-at-heart flapper with unfinished earthly business who badgers 27-year-old great-niece Lara into doing her bidding. Predictable mayhem and the most delicious and delightful romp a ghost and girl-at-loose-ends could ever have in 21st century London ensue. Sadie discovers just how loved she really is, and Lara channels her inner '20s girl to discover the difference between wanting to be in love and finding love. Kinsella, a master of comic pacing and feminine wit (see: the wildly successful Shopaholic series), casts a bigger net with this piece of fun and fluff, weaving family dynamics and an old-fashioned mystery into the familiar chick lit romance. And there's a sweet nod to old folks (All that white hair and wrinkled skin is just cladding.... They were all young, with love affairs and friends and parties and an endless life ahead of them). It's a breath of crackling fresh air that may well keep readers warm right through winter.

Review: Sophie Kinsella's books always make me laugh but it's been a while since I've truly loved one of her books. Twenties Girl is unlike any book I've read and definitely different from the rest of Ms. Kinsella's books. It's simply in one word...delightful. The title itself has a couple of different meanings as you can come to find out during your read. Lara, the main character, is a bit flighty. She's made a lot of changes in her life recently, not all of them by choice, and seems to be struggling to find her way. Enter, the ghost of her great-aunt Sadie Lancaster. Of course things are going Lara's way and now her family think she's crazy because she can, frankly she's acting a little skittish.

This is wear the fun begins, you see Sadie can't be buried until she finds a specific necklace and until she does she reeks havoc on Lara's life. I can't give too much away because well it's not like the plot is complicated but there are a few twists and turns. Some of it likely, some of it unlikely.

As character's go, both Lara and Sadie are immensely likable and relatable. I loved all the 1920s references and how they had to each learn the other one's "lingo". I really enjoyed how they both taught each other something about themselves and how Lara learned about her family after never having an interest.

In my opinion this is her best book since Can You Keep a Secret? and The Undomestic Goddess. I enjoyed Remember Me? (you can read my review here). Sure I've read every single Shopaholic book but honestly what else can Becky bumble her way through?

I must say something about the cover, it's simply brilliant! I love it. The picture on the post doesn't do it justice at all. Whomever designed it did a bang up job capturing the essence of the novel.

If you are looking for a great weekend read, go and pick up Twenties Girls right away. You won't be disappointed.

Final Take: 5/5


Ashley September 13, 2009 at 9:46 AM  

I've been eyeing this book for a while. Thanks for the review!

kay - Infinite Shelf September 13, 2009 at 10:26 AM  

I loved this book too! I think this is my favorite of hers. It was such a cute story, with a lot more depth than I expected!

Jenn September 21, 2009 at 10:05 PM  

Glad you liked it... and that it isn't in the Shopaholic vein!!!

I'll wait and pick it up in soft cover, though.

Stephanie September 22, 2009 at 10:58 AM  

I too really enjoyed Undomestic Goddess and now want to read this one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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