Thursday, September 24, 2009

Julie's Review: Dune Road

Summary: Dune Road is another fun and fearless adventure that will take Green's many fans from laughter to tears and back again. The novel is set in the beach community of a tony Connecticut town. Our heroine is a single mom who works for a famous-and famously reclusive-novelist. When she stumbles on a secret that the great man has kept hidden for years, she knows that there are plenty of women in town who would love to get their hands on it-including some who fancy the writer for themselves. Dune Road is the story of life in an exclusive beach town after the tourists have left for the summer and the eccentric (and moneyed) community sticks around. Dune Road will surely be the book to pack in beach bags next summer.

Review: I have to give Ms. Green a hand because a lot of the subject matters in Dune Road are very timely, like the world financial market crash. I'm sure some last minute editing took place there but it was very skillful. Like all of her books I found the protagonist very likable as were most of the main characters in the book. Kit is a divorce who is trying to find her way in this new world. She's got a great house, a decent relationship with her ex, 2 pretty good kids but she's not sure who she is after 20 years of marriage. She ends up getting a job with the recluse author, Robert McClore. I actually thought this book was going to be more about him than it ended up being. I would have actually like a little more mystery/intrigue into his background than we received. I actually don't think that the summary is quite accurate on for what this book is really about. Perhaps it was before some last minute changes.

There are definitely a few twists and turns that I didn't see coming, maybe I should have but with these books I'm not looking for earth-shattering reveals.

What Jane Green does splendidly is describe everything. I could envision Kit's house as well as everything else in Highfield. She always brings all of her locations to life in her books.

I definitely liked it more than The Beach House, which I think has been her weakest novel yet.

If you are looking for a great, curl up and read it in a couple of sittings book, Dune Road fits that criteria. Plus it makes you feel good as well.

Final Take: 3.75/5


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