Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday Skim

In the vain of trying something new here on the blog, I thought I might start with some Sunday posts summarizing what I've read, what I plan to start and upcoming books I'm looking forward to.

Week of 1/7/2019:


I chose really well by picking An Anonymous Girl for my first read of 2019. It is a cat and mouse game with a psychiatrist and one of her subjects from a study. It keeps you turning the pages that is for sure. Emily Giffin's All We Ever Wanted renewed my faith in her as a writer. It is a timely and thought-provoking novel that all parents should read. My first historical fiction novel of the year was the fantastic The Lost Girls of Paris about the women radio transmitters during WWII. I swear there are so many stories that are still waiting to be told from that generation.

Currently Reading: 

Looking Forward To:

Not a bad way to start out 2019 with some great reads. I have ambitious goals for 2019 with 104 books. I'm hoping my new found appreciation for audio-books will contribute heavily to that goal. What are your goals for reading? Trying anything new?



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