Friday, July 5, 2013

Julie's Review: The Firebird

Summary: Two Women. One Mysterious Relic. Separated By Centuries. Nicola Marter was born with a gift so rare and dangerous, she kept it buried deep. When she encounters a desperate woman trying to sell a small wooden carving called "The Firebird," claiming it belonged to Russia's Empress Catherine, it's a problem. There's no proof. But Nicola's held the object. She knows the woman is telling the truth. Beloved by readers as varied and adventurous as her novels, you will never forget spending time in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Susanna Kearsley's  

Review: The Firebird is a novel that is large in scope and breadth. It covers years in Scotland and Russia during the 1700s and simultaneously present day. For my taste, it as a little too detailed. There were pages that I felt could have been edited out and I would have still understood the plot. We spend a lot of time with Anna, who's ancestor Margaret, is the catalyst for the plot of the novel. You see, Margaret is looking to cash in a rare firebird statue that is said to have been a gift from Empress Catherine to a young Anna. Margaret has lived her life for others and it is now time to live her life herself. Cashing in on this Firebird is her one chance to live her life and travel.

Nicola has a sense of things after she holds them and when she holds the Firebird she knows that Margaret is telling the truth of the heritage of the statue. Now, how does she go about proving it? Her gift only goes so far so she has to reach into her past and find the one person who's gift she knows will help her, Rob. The man she left behind 2 years ago.

Nicola and Rob's story is the one that I wanted more of throughout the novel. I didn't get enough of their interactions, their connection. I got that there was passion and lust there but what were they going to build their relationship on? As for Anna, while I found her story interesting, I found it dragged on. There were time periods where I just wanted to use Rob's gift and skip ahead. At time it was hard to keep all the characters straight. I did enjoy the journey of Anna and how she came to be in possession of the Firebird and how strong of a lady she turned out to be.

I think that Ms. Kearsley definitely has a passion for history and historical fiction but it seems like she gets marred in the details. At times that it takes away from the story. I'm sure fans of her past work will love this novel just as much. As far as me reading another book of hers, I would but I won't be stocking up on her past novels in the near future.

 Final Take:  3.75/5

Thanks to and Sourcebooks for my copy of the novel.



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