Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Julie's Review: Eight Days to Live

Summary: Number-one New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen delivers a thriller that will chill you to the core: Eve Duncan’s adopted daughter Jane has been targeted by a mysterious cult who has decided that she has only eight days to live. Eve Duncan and her adopted daughter, Jane Macguire, are pitted against the members of a secretive cult who have targeted Jane and have decided that she will be their ultimate sacrifice. In eight days they will come for her. In eight days, what Jane fears the most will become a reality. In eight days, she will die. It all begins with a painting that Jane, an artist, displays in her Parisian gallery. The painting is called “Guilt” and Jane has no idea how or why she painted the portrait of the chilling face. But the members of a cult that dates back to the time of Christ believe that Jane’s blasphemy means she must die. But first, she will lead them to an ancient treasure whose value is beyond price. This elusive treasure, and Jane’s death, are all that they need for their power to come to ultimate fruition. With Eve’s help, can Jane escape before the clock stops ticking? ~amazon.com

Review: I love the Iris Johansen books but to be a bit honest, I'm tiring of the whole "will Eve find Bonnie's killer or not?" themes in the books. So, when I realized that Eight Days to Live centered around her adopted daughter, Jane, I was thrilled. Not only that but we get to meet up with some great characters from Jane's recent past: John MacDuff, Jock Gavin and Seth Caleb. All who in their own way care for Jane and Eve. Let me tell you that Seth Caleb can enter my head any time he wants. Holy Smokes, that guys breathes sexual tension.

Again, Jane is the target of some crazed, fanatical group. This time they are a religious cult that centers around Judas Iscariot, you know the guy who was the traitor to Jesus. She's on their radar because one of her paintings is the spitting image of Judas and therefore she must be a blasphemer because that image is sacred. She's being hunted by a man called Millet and the one truly holding the strings, Roland. Both these men are psychotic, in different ways but no less dangerous. Jane, being Jane, throws herself right into the middle of the fray and uses herself and those around her to draw out these crazed men. Luckily for her, the people around her are lethal in their own ways.

Now, it's not that I think something will happen to Jane, Eve or Joe because I do know the series goes on, but it's always a roller coaster ride with them. They always draw the most interesting people to them and then they are bound to them for life. I always like to see who they pick up on their latest adventure.

Since it's the 10th book in the Eve Duncan series, I don't think you have to start at the very beginning, I didn't but I do think you need to go back to when Jane started to be a main character to understand the ties that bind her to Joe and Eve.

I've definitely been away from this series too long so I'll make it a priority to return to it soon. Perhaps this summer. Next up would be Eve, Quinn and finally Bonnie (Eve Duncan).

Final Take: 4/5



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