Sunday, February 3, 2013

Children's Corner: Ancient Greek Myths & Legends

My daughter loved the Disney movie of Hercules, which led us to the Percy Jackson movie, which led us here. The Greek myths can get a little... bawdy, not to mention bloody. This is a fantastic children's version that doesn't go too far either way; they are simplified without being overly so. The stories are short can be read a couple at a time before bed.

My only disappointment is, though it appears to be a picture book, it's more like chapter book anthology.  The occasional pictures are lovely, it's just too bad that there aren't more of them.  I do like the reference guide in the back, though and the glossary of terms.

The book may be a little too old for her, but she loves the stories and hearing about the Greek gods.  I love that it expands her knowledge base and point of reference.

(Our new obsession is Arthurian Legend, so I will be on the hunt for good children's books on the subject.  Any suggestions???)



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