Sunday, October 28, 2012

Julie's Review: Plant a Kiss

Review: I grabbed this book off the bookshelf at the library and it has quickly been one of our gone to books at night. It is a simple, sweet and kind book. It is about a little girl who plants a kiss and instead of keeping it for herself, she shares it and by doing so discovers what how happiness comes from sharing.

The illustrations are simple but delightful and capture the essence of the story being told. It also has a touchable part weaved into the illustrations which my son discovered.

Now that we've read it so much, he knows the story by heart. I love hearing him "read" it to me and ask questions about what is going on in the story. He wants to know everything about why she's doing what she's doing and why the kids are asking her questions. It is so much fun to see his mind churning at understanding books.

While it is simple, it is a great story about sharing and understanding that happiness doesn't just exist in receiving but in giving as well. I think it's a great story for a child of any age.

As a sidenote for some reason I see Jenn's kidlet as the little girl in this book. I wonder if she'd think the same thing?


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