Sunday, October 14, 2012

Children's Corner: I Must Have Bobo and I'll Save You Bobo

Review: A while ago our 4 year old son started calling everyone "Bobo" as a term of endearment. We aren't sure where it came from but it's pretty much stuck to him since. We do try to only use it at home or around family thought. :)

So needless to say that when I saw these books at the library on our latest excursion, I grabbed them. They have quickly become our go to read at night. They are cute, quick books with a cat that cracks me up. Sure the stories are supposed to be about the little boy and his stuffed monkey, but Earl the cat steals the show for me.

They are adorable books for any kid (or parent) who had a stuff animal that they dragged every where and was a permanent fixture in the daily lives.

The illustrations are engaging and simple. I would definitely recommend these the next time you are at the library.



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