Sunday, October 7, 2012

Children's Corner: Skeleton Hiccups

We love Halloween in our house (especially decorating for it); it must have something to do with our affinity for the macabre.  So 'spooky' books are a year round thing in our house especially ones that are all about bones.  This one is a new favorite.

Skeleton wakes up with the hiccups.  He attempts to brush his teeth and he hiccups his jaw right off.  He tries everything to get rid of them but, well, he's a skeleton, so the normal human 'cures' are a little difficult for him.  He can't hold his nose, or drink a glass of water... but he tries, and we giggle.  Eventually his friend ghost manages to scare them out of him.

The illustrations with this book are fantastic and the prose are easy enough for my daughter who has just discovered her ability to sound out words.  The humor makes it appropriate for all ages.  If you're looking for a good spooky giggle.  This is it.



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