Sunday, July 29, 2012

Children's Corner: Princess Matilda

This is a fantastic sale table discovery.  I love it because it's more than just princess-y.  It's for the daydreamer.  Matilda loves to pretend and imagine, and when things aren't going her way, she imagines a new scenario.  She uses her imagination to deal with her feelings.  She's a princess, a wicked witch, a clown,  a butterfly, and a jungle woman, but in the end, she's still her parent's little girl.  I love that Eva Montari introduces that concept for young children, for we are all many people during our day, during our lifetime, but in the end, we are still us.

The illustrations are whimsical and beautifully done by the author.  I love the way she morphs the reality into what Matilda sees in her mind's eye.  This is definitely a keeper.  (I'm so glad I found it!)  We will be seeking out more of Eva Montanari's books.  Princess Matilda is perfect for the princess-doctor-sword-fighter in your life!



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