Sunday, July 8, 2012

Children's Corner: Down By The Cool of the Pool

Review: I purchased this cute book with my daughter's first Scholastic order and it has definitely been well worth the money. Now, she likes to read it by herself or to her brother and he likes me to read it to him now. Last week at summer camp for my son they were studying farm animals, so he took this to school with him. Both of his teachers said it was the perfect read since it is so darn hot out.

 Down by the Cool of the Pool is a frolicking fun book about animals trying to cool off in the heat. How each of them cool off differently and have fun doing it. What might be easy for one animal isn't easy for another one. Each of them appreciates the differences in the other animals and they make a game out of it. They each have their unique abilities and all use them to have some fun.

The colors are great and the illustrations depict the story extremely well. The animals are cartoonish enough so they fit the story but not overly distorted so kids will be able to identify them.

There are parts of the book that rhyme and then it switches and doesn't rhyme which always throws me off a bit. I make sure not to read this after a Dr. Seuss book because it will no doubt mess me up with the flow of the book.

If you are looking for a fun read about animal having fun in a pond, then look no further than Down by the Cool of the Pool.

It looks like Mr. Mitton has a great many books that I will have to be checking out. Especially since one involves Penguins. I love me some penguins. If only they didn't smell.



Jenn July 11, 2012 at 8:36 AM  

We have his Dinosaur Rumpus and the going in and out of rhyming phrase always trips me up too.

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