Sunday, December 4, 2011

Children's Corner: Ten Little Ladybugs

Review: This book has been in our house since our 6 year old was little. It has helped her learn to count and then count in reverse and now it's doing the same for our almost 4 year old. We pretty much read this every night as one of his two books.

Initially, I read it to him and he just looked at the fun pictures. Pretty soon we were teaching him the names of the animals featured on each page. I remember being excited when he identified and said "turtle" for the first time. Now we are at the point where he likes to count the number of ladybugs on each page.

This is definitely a children's book that can grow with your child. At each stage of learning, this book is helpful and fun. My 6 year old now likes to read it to her brother, which is all kinds of cute. I also think this book makes a great gift for a baby shower or a child's first birthday.



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