Sunday, December 25, 2011

Children's Corner: A Smattering of Holiday Cheer

In our house we celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas, but neither with their religious connotations.  So here are a few holiday books we enjoy immensely that capture the spirit of the season without being too heavy.

When Santa Lost His Ho! Ho! Ho!  is a nightly read once the holiday season is upon us.  They try everything to help Santa get his laugh back and save Christmas, but in the end it takes a special little girl who understands Santa's predicament all too well. This one cracks me up every year, because I forget how it ends until I get there.  It's very cute but not cutesy and it's a huge favorite in our house.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is a generational favorite and I love the book and the cartoon (don't speak to me about the film version -UGH!!!).  This one doesn't get put away at the end of the season like the other holiday books because it's in an anthology of Dr. Seuss stories, but somehow neither my husband nor I mind reading this one year round.


A Wish to be a Christmas Tree is a wonderful holiday tale of friendship.  Year after year this tree grows at the tree farm and now it is too big for anyone to take home.  He is saddened that he will never get to be someone's Christmas tree.

The animals from the forest band together to show him how giving he is year round and decorate him to be their tree in thanks.

It is a sweet story and I always tear up reading it.


This is a nice 'beginners' Chanukah book.  My daughter has grown a little more interested in this holiday this year and I think it's a great book for starting discussions and introducing heritage.


The Night Before Christmas is another generational story and though I have to pick this one out for my daughter, she always enjoys it once we start.  I won this version last year and I adore it.  Though the illustrations are a little old fashioned (hence my daughter has to be encouraged to pick it), there is a wonderful sense of humor to them that adds to the story beautifully.

I highly recommend this version to anyone.


Where ever you are and however you celebrate whatever you celebrate, I wish you peace and love for the holiday season and beyond.


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