Sunday, October 9, 2011

Children's Corner: Noodle Man: The Pasta Superhero

Summary:  Pasta is the passion of the Dente family. Their business is a fresh-pasta deli, but business, frankly, is slow. The neighbors in the town of Durum are ordering pizzas, not pasta. Their son, Al, has a brilliant idea: the world's first portable, fresh-pasta maker. Unfortunately, he is no good at selling pasta door-to-door. But pasta, it turns out, is a remarkably adaptable food ideal for catching crooks, saving children, and making heroes. Served up with fun illustrations and outrageous puns, this wacky treat is sure to have children clamoring for second helpings. Never underestimate the power of pasta!

Review:  This is a favorite read in our house, especially for us carb-loving girls.  Although some of the puns and humor might be a little beyond my almost-four-year-old, there is still plenty of laughs to be had.  Al Dente unwittingly becomes the the community super hero, saving his fellow citizens with pasta and in the process, he manages to save the family business ...and find a girl friend.  The illustrations, though not overly bright, are delightfully busy with lots of new things to discover with each read.  My daughter loves naming all the different types labeled at the front and back of the book. We can't finish reading it without reviewing all the different pasta shapes!

It's also a good book for children who need encouragement to add variety to their food repertoire.  The town is only eating pizza and it's a good time to discuss that it's okay to have a favorite food, but you can't eat it all the time.

This is definitely a book that will grow with children with new things on which to focus.  We will enjoy revisiting this.  Noodle Man pasta power!


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