Sunday, October 16, 2011

Children's Corner: The Autum Marathon

Review: This book is dear to my heart because Ms. Desjardins is a local author and the setting is the town I grew up in. I'm fairly certain that I recognize 99% of the drawings in the book. My husband also worked with her, so we received a signed copy when I was pregnant with my daughter.

This book is a mainstay at our house during the fall. My daughter would constantly pull this book out to read to her every night. I think she likes the idea that fall leaves are acting like people and going on an adventure. She likes that they start off in the morning and end up finishing the day at night.

What I love most about the book is its creativity not only in the story but in the pictures. They are simple and yet vibrant, full of color. Starting from the cover which is a gorgeous burnt orange to the inside that is filled with all the colors associated with fall.

The book has now taken up residence on my son's bookshelf, but I do find my daughter pulling it off the shelf to quietly look at herself.  I will continue to read this to my kids until they are too old to appreciate a story about a group of adventurous leaves and then I will save it for their kids. 



Jenn October 16, 2011 at 8:13 AM  

I've been looking for a nice whimsical fall book. This looks perfect!

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