Monday, August 8, 2011

Julie's Review: Sister

Sister: A Novel Summary: When her mom calls to tell her that Tess, her younger sister, is missing, Bee returns home to London on the first flight. She expects to find Tess and give her the usual lecture, the bossy big sister scolding her flighty baby sister for taking off without letting anyone know her plans. Tess has always been a free spirit, an artist who takes risks, while conservative Bee couldn’t be more different. Bee is used to watching out for her wayward sibling and is fiercely protective of Tess (and has always been a little stern about her antics). But then Tess is found dead, apparently by her own hand.  Bee is certain that Tess didn’t commit suicide. Their family and the police accept the sad reality, but Bee feels sure that Tess has been murdered. Single-minded in her search for a killer, Bee moves into Tess's apartment and throws herself headlong into her sister's life--and all its secrets. Though her family and the police see a grieving sister in denial, unwilling to accept the facts, Bee uncovers the affair Tess was having with a married man and the pregnancy that resulted, and her difficultly with a stalker who may have crossed the line when Tess refused his advances. Tess was also participating in an experimental medical trial that might have gone very wrong. As a determined Bee gives her statement to the lead investigator, her story reveals a predator who got away with murder--and an obsession that may cost Bee her own life. A thrilling story of fierce love between siblings, Sister is a suspenseful and accomplished debut with a stunning twist.

Review: I stayed up late to finish the end of this riveting debut thriller. Sister is not only a thriller and a mystery but a love story between an older sister and her younger sister. It's written in the form of letters, told as a story from Beatrice (Bee) to Tess, after Tess is found dead in a park in London.

It is a taut, exciting and extremely well written novel. Ms. Lupton keeps readers on the edge of their seat by revealing little by little. She is always introducing interesting new leads in the story. The reader, like Beatrice, thinks one way until further evidence it shown to move in a different direction.

There is something for everyone in this thriller: a romance gone awry, murder, mystery, psychological distress and in the end a stunning twist. If you are clever enough you can figure out one of the twists a long the way if you look for or suspect the clues.

The emotions that run through this book are raw and real. You are with Bee every step of the way as she puts herself in danger to catch her sister's murderer. She explores every avenue in hopes that she can convince the police.

I cried several times during the book. As an older sister, I can only imagine the overwhelming grief that Bee was faced with during this time. It was a very short amount of time as well, or so it seemed. Perhaps that is because the letters take place of a few days/week. The actual time elapsed had to have been longer. You wonder yourself if Bee has gone a bit crazy at times. What motivates her isn't hard to figure out, it's her love for her sister. It is always about Tess.

While reading the book I had several different theories in my head for what was going on. None of them proved to be true. I LOVED that! I loved that Ms. Lupton wrote an ending that I didn't see coming. Ms. Lupton did a superb job of creating the scenes in the book. I felt like I was transported to London and was with investigating with Bee.

As with most books that receive my highest rating, I dreamt about this book and the characters last night and woke up thinking of them again. This is a book that will haunt me for the days to come.

I can't recommend this book enough. For those of you who are fans of thrillers, you must pick up Sister immediately. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Final Take: 5/5



Alice August 8, 2011 at 11:44 AM  

Great review, Julie. I am totally sold. I love novels about sisters and I am adding this one to my must read list.

Marce August 8, 2011 at 12:59 PM  

This is on my Wishlist but the reviews are making it almost a "I need to read it next' book.

Julie August 8, 2011 at 1:05 PM  

It is soo darn good. I loved it. It will be in the pile of books to eventually re-read.

Jenn August 11, 2011 at 8:21 AM  

Adding it to the TBR wish-list pile!

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