Sunday, August 28, 2011

Children's Corner: City Dog, Country Frog

City Dog, Country Frog

Summary:  In spring, when City Dog runs free in the country for the first time, he spots Country Frog sitting on a rock, waiting for a friend. “You’ll do,” Frog says, and together they play Country Frog games. In summer, they meet again and play City Dog games. Through the seasons, whenever City Dog visits the country he runs straight for Country Frog’s rock. In winter, things change for City Dog and Country Frog. Come spring, friendship blooms again, a little different this time.

Review:  I swear it's Mo Willems' mission in life to make me sob in front of my child.  I'm weeping as I type this.  Even my husband tears up a little when reading his books and this one is no exception.  In yet another poignant picture book Mo Willems has done it again, this time with the cycle of life.

City Dog is so excited to be out and running free and meeting new friends, that he really doesn't give much thought to Country Frog's unusual response.  There is playing to be done.  But next spring, as City Dog finds himself sitting on Country Frog's rock by himself, he has a new perspective.

Mo Willems touches on the cycle of life without making it scary or traumatic.  It's a wonderful way start discussing with children that nothing lives forever.  That it's nature ...and that life moves on.



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