Sunday, July 31, 2011

Children's Corner: Did My Mother Do That?

Did My Mother Do That?Summary:  What was I like when I was born? The perennial question receives a fanciful response in a tale that takes an interspecies tour of mothers and babies.

Holly loves to hear the story of the night when she was born—but first she needs to ask a lot of questions. Did her mother hatch her out of an egg? Did she carry Holly in her pocket? Maybe she fed her baby mice for dinner? As Holly and her dad rule out one imaginary scenario after another, little listeners will be eager to join in, while learning some interesting details along the way. And they’ll be just as comforted as Holly to hear one final, satisfying tale of a happy and loving human mother on the day her baby was born.

Review:  My daughter has been a little baby obsessed as of late (she really wants a sibling) and when I saw this at the library I thought it would be perfect... and it is.  I love the information about other types of babies (I learned things I didn't know) as well as the dialogue between father and daughter.  There is lots of silliness as they pretend parts of their discussion and it ends with a serious and sweet moment, when the conversation finally gets around to the day Holly was born.  This is perfect little exploration for curious minds and a wonderful bedtime story.

This will soon be another permanent addition to our shelves, because it is a favorite in our house (nb. I brought it into my office to write this and my daughter demanded to know what I was doing with her book!).  But fair warning, Holly's father didn't want to tell her about shark mommies and you may not want tohear about them either...



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