Friday, July 1, 2011

Julie's Review: Nine Dragons

Nine Dragons (Harry Bosch) Summary: Bestseller Connelly nimbly balances Harry Bosch's personal and professional lives, both of which take a substantial beating, in his 14th novel to feature the LAPD homicide detective. Bosch, last seen with his recently discovered half-brother, lawyer Mickey Haller, in The Brass Verdict (2008), investigates the shooting death of a liquor store owner. While the murder has none of the hallmarks of a regular gang hit, Bosch discovers the dead man was paying a weekly protection fee to a man Bosch suspects is part of a Chinese triad. Even though Bosch is warned to drop the case, he doesn't take the threat seriously until he receives a video showing his 13-year-old daughter, Madeline, being kidnapped in Hong Kong, where she lives with her mother and Bosch's ex-wife, a former FBI agent. Bosch flies to Hong Kong to try to rescue Madeline, prepared to face down one of the world's most powerful crime syndicates. Tenacious as ever, Bosch is even more formidable in his role as a protective father.

Review: Michael Connelly never fails to disappoint me. Now granted I haven't read every single one of his books, but the ones that I have read, I have immensely enjoyed. Although I think I enjoy the books with Harry a tad bit more than the ones with Mickey Haller (aka The Lincoln Lawyer).

The novel starts off with it being a slow period in the homicide division but that quickly changes with the apparent murder of liquor store owner John Li. It wasn't a robbery that went wrong, because it couldn't be that simple. Quickly the case points to the Chinese Triad and Harry has to get the AGU (Asian Gang Unit) involved which causes him to work with someone new, Officer Chu. Harry doesn't trust anyone and that is magnified even more when he's working on a case.

Things move quickly on the case and it quickly spins out of control for Harry and the team. Not only that but the case quickly becomes personal for him. It seems that the Triad in Hong Kong have take his daughter Madeline hostage. Harry risks everything to go to there to save her.

Mr. Connelly writes at such a fast paced rate that it's hard to put the book down. You want to know what's going to happen next and how everything will be worked out in the end.

I really loved the ending of the book. There were several twists and turns that I didn't see coming. Although I will say that someone didn't seem so innocent to me early in the book so it wasn't a huge surprise for me at the end.

It seems that I read this book before I read The Brass Verdict: A Novel (Harry Bosch)Contemporary Literature) less enjoyable.

If you like crime novels than you should definitely check out Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series.

Final Take: 4/5



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