Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book News: Jennifer Weiner

Photobucket Well it's more than book news, it's TV news as well. One of my favorite authors, Jennifer Weiner, is trying to get her pilot on ABC. Below is the email I received from her.

"Greetings readers!

We interrupt this between-book hiatus with a special announcement.

Over the past year, I’ve been working on (drumroll please!) a TV show. It’s called “Jane and Dick,” and it’s about a funny, smart, sensitive, slightly insecure lady lawyer, the all-female law firm she’s created, and what happens when her teenage crush and her big sister’s ex-boyfriend comes to work in her feminist Utopia. It takes elements of all the shows I loved (Ally McBeal! Moonlighting! Sex and the City!) and gives them all of the wit and heart, and the kind of well-rounded, realistic heroine that my readers have come to enjoy.

ABC is in the process of picking up shows for next fall, and “Jane and Dick” is still in the running. If you’d like to see it on the air, you can sign a petition at petition spot.

Or you can write to the network and say, “I want more Weiner on TV” at http://abc.go.com/site/contact-us. (Seriously, you don’t have to write that, but I do love the idea of executives being flooded with email about more Weiner on TV.)

Please note: even if the TV show happens, I will not stop writing novels. My newest book, FLY AWAY HOME, tells the story of a politician's wife and his two adult daughters rebuilding their lives in the wake of the kind of scandal that's become all too familiar these days, and it hits shelves this July.

Thanks in advance for your support and, as always, thank you for reading my books."

I'm so excited her new book is coming out this summer. (Running to pre-order on Amazon). I'm also excited about the prospect that her wit and verve will be on primetime.

If you want more Weiner on tv, please sign her petition.


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