Friday, May 1, 2009

Jenn's Review: Misery Loves Cabernet

Summary: Charlize “Charlie” Edwards finally has it all: a house in Silverlake, L.A.’s hippest neighborhood, two fabulous best friends who always have her back, and a great (though hectic) job as the personal assistant to Hollywood’s hottest movie star, Drew Stanton. But best of all, Charlie has a newly feathered love nest with Jordan, the sexy photographer she recently started dating. Maybe Charlie’s journal of smart-alecky life advice—which she’s always been better at writing than following—has finally helped put her on the right track.

Unfortunately for Charlie, Drew is causing complete havoc on his new movie set, her eccentric family is descending upon L.A. for the upcoming holiday season, and her love life may be back to square one. Jordan has left L.A. to work on a film shooting in Paris, where the women are gorgeous, sophisticated, and possibly after her man. And Drew’s handsome new producer, Liam, is an old crush who has reappeared to tug at Charlie’s heartstrings. Charlie’s torn between the misery of waiting for Jordan and the tingly feelings she has for Liam. But there’s nothing misery—or seduction—loves better than a great glass of cabernet.

Review: This is not your typical chick-lit ~I thought it was wonderful. This is Kim Gruenenfelder's second novel and I love her quirky humor and her quick wit. I was laughing out loud several times. Charlie's thoughts in reference to Olive Garden:

"...You know the restaurant that advertises when you're here, you're family? I wonder who on earth ever thought that was a selling point? Do you think people want to walk in to have the maitre d' tell them they never lived up to their potential? Then be seated to have the waiter ask them why they're not married yet, then remind them that their biological clock is ticking?"
I especially liked the list of advice Charlie has started for her future great-granddaughter, some very true, some just amusing:

"If you are going to show up at someone's house unannounced, call at least five minutes in advance. This gives your hostess four minutes to race around the house collecting dirty dishes to throw in the sink and another minute to plan your death."

I was really impressed that Gruenenfelder didn't lapse into typical chick-lit formula. All her characters were lively and three dimensional —and there was real growth for almost all of the characters in the story too, not just for Charlie. The ending is refreshing and realistic, with a great twist. (You go, Charlie!)

It was a light read and very amusing. I'm looking forward to going back and reading A Total Waste of Makeup, Gruenenfelder's first novel.

Final take: 4.5/5


Mary May 1, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

Nice review. This title is going on my TBR list!

Angie May 4, 2009 at 12:47 AM  

Thanks for the review.

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