Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lisa's Review: In Another Man's Bed

When Justine walks in on her husband with another woman, she flees their cabin, promising a swift divorce. Andrew pursues her in his car, intending to get his wife back. But when his car goes over a cliff, hours later Justine is looking down at her comatose husband, wondering how it ever came to this. Now she is faced with a difficult choice about whether or not to pull the plug. And if she does, is it because of his cheating ways or because it’s the humane thing to do? Should she keep faith for his supportive mother that he’ll revive from his coma? Then, when an old flame resurfaces, will Justine follow her heart or her conscience? ~Book Description

This is a romance novel in the very basic and formulaic sense, so there were no surprises here. Although I found the coma plotline is a bit soap opera-ish, it presented an interesting moral dilemma. What would you do? Leave? Pull the plug? Decisions. Decisions. Francis Ray did an adequate job of portraying Justine’s confusion and pain, although she remained irritatingly passive throughout the entire ordeal. The secondary plotline featured a “tough cookie” lawyer and Justine's best friend, who resists the charms of a “good” man. When she finally starts to give in, she finds herself delicately off balance and at a loss for what to do next. Ultimately, this was fun and light and exactly what I needed to read at the time so I was entertained throughout and therefore more than willing to look past the ridiculously clichéd characters.
Final take – 3.25/5


Julie September 20, 2007 at 10:28 AM  

Would you read the author again?
I'm glad to see that you at least enjoyed one of the new Black Authors you are attempting to read. :)

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