Sunday, August 19, 2007

Terry McMillan on Jill Scott

And because reading is not just limited to books...

I was quite pleased with Essence magazine's September cover interview featuring Jill Scott. She is by far my favorite artist and her new album Real Thing: Words & Sounds 3 is due on September 25. CAN'T. WAIT.

She was interviewed by author Terri McMillan, another favorite of mine, and what followed seemed to be an honest conversation between two powerful sisters who have a mutual admiration.

I was saddened to learn that the break-up of Jill's 5 year marriage (12-year relationship) was due to success in her career. More evidence that suggest that women can't have it all.

"There are repercussions to everything, even advancement and success. And I think the repercussion to my success was the loss of my marriage."

"I put icing on the places that were wounded, so they looked good and tasted pretty. But I really didn't deal with them until I had no choice but to deal with what was going on in my marriage."

So sad. She continued to speak about remaining joyful:
"When I'm feeling joyful, it's like cruise control. There's nothing that can take it away. I just feel really powerful. Like I can achieve anything."
having a baby:
"I would love to have a baby and I would love for the man who helped me conceive that child to be holding my hand when I give birth. I would love that."
her role in Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married", and her belief in fate.

Terry: Let me ask you one more question. Do you believe that fate plays a role in your life?
Jill: Add this if you can. When I was 22, I worked at a French Connection in Philly. A young man walks into the store and gives me two tickets to a play he's involved with. I say 'Okay, cool.' Anyway, I see this play and it's smarter than the average bear. And I remember being on the bus and opening up the playbill and seeing the picture and the guy's name: Tyler Perry. Fast-forward 10, 11, 12 years and here I am in a Tyler Perry film.
Terry: I'll definitely put that in. That's wonderful.

Wonderful indeed. By the end, I was wishing that I was able to read all 121 pages of the transcribed interview. (Maybe that just means I'm nosy as hell). So, pick up the magazine if you get a chance this month, in addition to having some gorgeous pictures of Jill, it also features an enlightening profile of Michelle Obama.

Also, Terry McMillan's "The Interruption of Everything" (haven't read it yet) was recently released in paperback and she's working on a memoir and a novel that revisits the women of "Waiting to Exhale" 15 years later. Something to look forward to.


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