Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lisa's Review: The Savvy Sistahs

Amber, Carla and Brandy---known as the "ABCs"---are intelligent businesswomen who met in their business support group "The Savvy Sistahs Who Mean Business" and became the best of friends. They've bonded over lost loves, past hurts, and too many lonely nights. . . Amber Stuart escaped an abusive marriage and now finds peace running her small bookstore. But when a man passes out in her establishment, after eating one of her homemade cookies, she'll do anything to avoid a lawsuit, even if it means going into his home and nursing this fine brother back to health. What she doesn't know is that this brother is about to turn her life upside down; Raising a two-year-old son on her own and running the computer business she inherited from her father, Carla Osborne doesn't have time for anything else. Then she finds herself the object of a hostile takeover. And it turns out that she's fighting to save her company from the man she had a one-night stand with all those years ago---the man who happens to be her son's father; After a divorce settlement leaves her the sole owner of the St. Laurent Hotel, Brandy Bennett decides to manage her new business full-time. When she finds herself the object of a deranged stalker her family convinces her to bring in a security expert to help. Enter ex-FBI agent, Grey Masters---and with him a whole lot of drama. Life is dishing it out hard, but these ladies are determined to hold on to each other.

My Review
The Savvy Sistahs disappoints only in one respect. The books title led me to believe that it would be a story of friendship so I was expecting a deeper exploration of the bonds of female friendship, but this was not so. That theme in my opinion was only covered in passing. The story focuses more on each character's journey to finding and believing in love again. The novel is fairly predictable, but still compelling. Brandy gets the juciest and most satisfying storyline of the three main characters, so she emerges (unwittingly, I believe) as the main character and the other two characters and stories suffer a bit for that. The writing can be a bit clunky at times and there are sections that are overly sacchrine. Otherwise, Ms. Jackson delivers a solid romance, make that three solid romances, for the price of one. It has everything, drama, intrigue and sex. So very much sex (I don't want to use the S word or anything, but I really don't know 'bout that Brandy). Best of all, nary a gratitous designer reference anywhere! It's good enough for me to not point out that halfway through, a threatening letter that was typewritten, automatically becomes hand-written. I'm just sayin'.

Final Take - 3.5/5


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